My name is Payge Kerman and I am a recent graduate of  the University of Colorado Boulder. I recently moved to Portland, Oregon from Boulder, Colorado. I am a graphic, web and UX designer, as well as a social media strategist. In addition to running Payge Hooper Kerman Digital Designs, I also work for Coding With Kids, a company that teaches kids to code.I speak Spanish and English fluently and love to travel. Design has always been a passion of mine and it allows me to explore both my creative and intellectual sides. Since graduating college, I have been focusing on developing a client base of people who are as passionate about their careers as I am. I have been trained in HTML, CSS, basic PHP, Processing, Arduino, Adobe Creative Suite, typography and WordPress. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge in Javascript, jQuery, PHP.

IMG_3992Some of my passions include running, hiking, yoga, Denver Broncos Football, playing with my dogs, and watching romantic comedies. In my free time, you can find me in the dog park, cooking delicious vegan food (or eating delicious vegan food), or crafting. Below, you will find some fun facts about me and can hopefully learn a little bit about my personality.

Payge Fun Facts:

Favorite colors: Pink and Salmon

Favorite foods: Corn chowder and Salted Chocolate Ice Cream from The Maple Parlor in Portland

Favorite TV shows: The Office, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, Nurse Jackie, Private Practice

Favorite animals: Giraffe and Okapi

Favorite scent: Warm vanilla cupcake

Dogs: Ellie and Emmery (click to view Packdog profiles)

Favorite places in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina. All of New Zealand’s south island. Antigua, Guatemala.

Spirit animal: Bumble bee